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Logistics center


      San E Development Co., Ltd.(SE), a best logistics and warehousing partner, provides professional warehousing integration services with flexible storage areas and high efficiency of supply chain management system.
Warehousing Service:
-Bonded logistics center ( Customs control code 670BL090)
-Bonded warehouses
-General warehouses
-Air-conditioned warehouses
-Outdoor storage areas
Our services covered different industries: semiconductor/ panel plant / green energy / machineries / biotechnology/ food/traditional industries, etc.


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With high efficiency and efficiency of vertical integration, professional wafer cassette cleaning, mold development and manufacturing, production customization, customized cleaning electronic packaging material design. The most professional service, professional mold consulting and development, provides the most competitive wafer cassette cleaning for all types and diverse developers. Whether it is R & D, small production, mass production, dust cleaning, warehousing management, bonded logistics, trade customs clearance, etc., we can ensure the quality and consistency of the products, in line with the cost-effectiveness of customers.